Brianna on Film

Hello my fantastic readers,

It seems that winter has finally settled into the Red River Valley, and we received our first snow fall that didn't melt last Sunday! I know that many of my fellow North Dakotans are less than pleased by the chilly temperatures and frosted windshields, but I find myself humming Christmas carols and rejoicing in my ability to wear my thick sweaters again! Winter is my favorite season, and as the holidays draw nearer I find myself smiling more and more at the grey skies and the cold sting of snowflakes melting upon my nose. 

You may remember

the blogpost I published earlier this autumn featuring images of my handsome best friend Bob

! Well, on that same roll of Kodak Portra 400 I was fortunate enough to capture some stunning images of the lovely


! (Can a girl get any luckier?!) These gems were taken while we were working on Brianna's image for the

ISBN Project

, and were totally unplanned. They were all shot on a

Pentax K1000


Kodak Portra 400 film

and were processed by the

FIND film lab

. I hope you find them as special as I do. 

Drive safe and keep warm,