Sable Sunday

Hello dear readers :)

I hope this post finds you enjoying the sights and smells of good old summer! I know that I have been enjoying summer, capturing its many sights through Yoshi (which means there will be a film update soon!!). For today, however, the focus will be on the lovely Brianna and the first editorial I have done in the new year!

We did two different looks for this shoot, of which I will be sharing only one today. Below are four images which I call the Sable Series. I found that the look of this shoot reminded me of the 80s and as such, I tried to play more with contrast and light leaks. The light leak layers were created by Julia Trotti, and Brianna did her own hair and makeup as well as providing her own wardrobe. I hope you enjoy the series and look forward to sharing more images in the future!!

With the hope that you will all have wonderful, sun filled weeks,

Shauni the Lioness

Hello Dear Readers!

I have missed you all very much! I apologize for my lack of posting in recent months, to be honest I have been swamped with school, work, and (of course) planning my wedding. However, I do have some lovely images to share with you today!! A few weeks ago I met up with a local model and fellow photographer named Shauni (Check out her photography here) and I must say that she was a joy to work with! She took direction well, and used her own knowledge of the camera to help create great angles and lovely lighting! I love her face, I think it is really interesting and different. She reminds me of a lioness, hence the title of this post. :)

Isn't she just lovely? The dress was a vintage find and the jacket was Shauni's own. She did her own makeup and styling as well. I can't wait to share more of these fabulous images!!! Happy Cyber Monday everyone!! Hope you have a great start to your week!!

<3 AK