Review- Mountain Hardwear Yuma Pant

They are here!!! Last week I made my first hiking clothing purchase! After a lot of internal debates,  a bit of rashness, I purchased the Mountain Hardwear Yuma Pant. I haven't had a chance to take them out and truly test them, but I have worn them around the house and below are my initial impressions.

1) The Style-

These pants have a relaxed fit, which means they are loose on the thighs while still fitting snugly (though not too snugly) around the waist. The material is comfortable against your skin, and has a bit of stretch, but not so much that I am worried they will stretch out too much throughout a hard day's hike (I have a pair of pants that do that, and it is one of the most annoying flaws in pants- am I the only one who feels this way?). The Yuma's feature one pocket located on the right thigh, which is big enough to easily hold my iPhone. The waistband has a soft lining called Micro-Chamois by Mountain Hardwear which keeps the waistband from chaffing even if you are lugging a heavy backpack for long periods of time. As a relative newbie to hiking, I would never have considered that issue, and I really appreciated the thought that was put into the Yuma's design. Finally, as if all of these style considerations weren't enough, these pants look cute. While being fashionable isn't a necessity for hiking, it is definitely a nice perk that I appreciate. 

2) The Fit-

I am usually between a 4-6 in pants, but since most of my pants come from the Gap, I am guessing that my actual size is a solid 6. I am 5'2"-5'3" in height, so length is always a point of concern when purchasing pants. Luckily for me, these pants are available in three different inseam lengths, and had a super helpful sizing guide. I ordered a 6/32, and they are practically perfect!! They are a tad bit snug around my waist (hello winter weight), but I think an 8 would have been too big, and the length is spot on! When I'm barefoot the pants have a tiny bit of extra material, but with a pair of hiking boots they will be perfect.

Note: Unfortunately offers limited sizes in the Yuma pant. However has more options available, and their Stone Green Yuma's are on sale right now for $48.90 (normally $70.00)! 

3) Projected Utility-

The Yuma pant is created out of comfortable and (reportedly) durable material with a DWR finish (read water resistant). I have not had a chance to test their water resistant properties, but I did spill a glass of water on myself while wearing them (because I'm graceful like that) and the pants remained completely dry. This fact, along with the UPF 50 rating UV block, makes me hopeful that these pants will handle any weather that Glacier sends my way. I am slightly concerned that the Yuma's will be too warm during the summer heat, and I will probably bring a pair of shorts along on my first few hikes just in case. However, the pants fold and roll into a compact and manageable size, even for me (and I'm a terrible folder/packer). This fact, along with their light weight, will make them easy to pack initially and an almost unnoticeable addition to a hiking backpack if I do end up change out of them on the trail.

Overall I am very optimistic about the Yuma's. Their comfort level and water resistance make them ideal for most weather conditions. If they do prove too warm for the heat of summer days, they will be perfect pants for around the campfire in the evenings. I am pleased with my purchase, and I can't wait to test them outside! I hope that you have found this review helpful, and please feel free to ask me about anything you feel I have overlooked!