Seattle Independent Bookstore Day Challenge 2019: planning tips for success

Hello friends! 

If you've been following along with my Instagram adventures or this blog for a while, then you know that last year I completed the 2018 Seattle Independent Bookstore Day Challenge! *crowd goes wild* For those of you who are new here, let me explain:

Every year, on the last Saturday of April, it is Independent Bookstore Day nationwide, and in Seattle we booknerds go all out. Starting in 2015, Seattle's indie bookstores collaborated to create a "daylong celebration of the work [they] do and the readers and customers who make it possible. [They] offered many of the same events and exclusive items as [their] colleagues across the country, but [they] also introduced the Passport Challenge, encouraging readers to get their passports stamped at as many participating stores as possible on Bookstore Day. Those who get their passports stamped at every participating store that day are crowned Grand Champions, with a crown, a party, and best of all, a 25% discount at all participating stores for the following year." (Source: Seattle Independent Bookstore Day website)  

In order to complete the challenge , you have to visit all participating bookstores in one day and get your passport stamped. Last year you had visit 19 of the 23 locations, and this year you have to visit 21 bookstores, as two new stores have joined the event! Please note that, dispite only having to visit 21 individual bookstores, there are 26 physical bookstore location option, as some participating indie bookstores have multiple locations (such as Third Place Books and the UW Bookstore). Don't worry, you only have to visit 21 stores, not all 26 options! This includes bookstores outside of Seattle, including some as far West as Poulsbo (think ferry rides), as far North as Edmonds, and as far East as Kirkland. The driving time alone is estimated by Google Maps to be 6 1/2 hours. Despite the hefty driving distance and the threat of Saturday Seattle traffic, the number of Grand Champions has grown rapidly from 42 in 2015 to 500 Grand Champions last year! (GO US!) 

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