Honesty: Self-portrait Work

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope, as always, that this post finds you happy and healthy. For today's post I am just going to keep it simple. The photos below were taken without expectations. I just needed to express what I was feeling, so I grabbed Icarus and sat in my house, in my pajamas, and took these photos. The result is, I think, a much more honest portrait of what I was feeling when these were taken. I don't particularly like doing self-portrait work, but I think, at least in this instance, it helped me understand myself a little better.

 Also, I ordered a whole ton of new books, which arrived this week! I am so beyond jazzed! I adore books, for those of you who don't know, and will most likely be spending a lot of my break devouring the written word. Below is a quote from one of my new books which I just finished this evening. I thought that it was appropriate for this set of photos.

"It may well be that we can never fully adapt to our own deformities."
-"Norwegian Wood" Haruki Murakami

Hope you all have fabulous rest of your weeks!!


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