Stick Twist Bread

Hello my fellow dreamers :)

Happy Wednesday to you all!! As always, I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying every moment of your summer! I am currently writing to you from a comfortable home in a peaceful section of a small Minnesotan town. The trees are presenting a shadow dance with their leaves upon the wall, and the Olympic games are playing quietly in the background. A small Italian woman full of much love for her children is in the next room with the hair dryer, carefully preparing for her workday. On my left, in a matching armchair to the one in which I am currently reclining, is a dear friend of mine. He is currently focusing on his computer, there is some issue about increasing desktop or disc space for his apple's virtual computer system. The air is laced with the smell of my friend's morning coffee intermixed with the scent of cinnamon and freshly baked bread. This whole place speaks of peace for me, it speaks of sun kissed skin, of the cool embrace of lake-water, of warm summer evenings drifting into slightly cooler nights. It is the smell of the fire and the sound of feet in the sand. This is a beautiful place, one which I am always sorry to leave. I hope that you, my wonderful readers, have a place such as this and that you have had the opportunity to enjoy that place this summer.

While you are out hanging with your friends this summer, you might want to consider trying a new recipe called "Stick-Twist Bread." I found this recipe in the wonderful Kinfolk Magazine Volume 4, which if you haven't read before, I would seriously suggest checking out. This was my first time making the bread, but I have to say I was very pleased with it and even found an alternate use for the dough. The basic idea is that you make a very simple eggless dough (the recipe that I used can be found in Kinfolk) and you wrap said dough around a clean branch/stick and cook it for about 5 min over the coals of a fire. I was really pleased with the way in which this recipe worked and found that the leftover dough can be rolled and made into pretzels! :) 

Photo journey capturing the making of Stick Twist Bread:

Oh hai everyone :)

<3 AK