Getting to know you

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope that your springs have been relatively lovely and much warmer than mine. As some of you know, I recently created an Instagram account (which can be found here: ). I really do want you, my readers, to feel like you know who I am. So I've decided to start sharing end of the month recaps- posts which highlight some of my favorite moments and give you all a chance to see into my day to day life a bit more.

So here it is, my recap for the month of February:

This past month was my birthday month, and this year I was blessed with the unique opportunity to go to St. Paul and watch the Detroit Red Wings play the Minnesota Wild. We had excellent seats, and it was an amazing experience even though Detroit lost the game. My mother, father, Anne, Bob, and Darren all joined me on the trip and the best part of the experience was eating and spending quality time with those I love.

I also spent a lot of time on my college campus and in hockey rinks, cheering on my dad and Anne. I suppose as I review what I photographed a focus or pattern emerges- this past month I spent a lot of time exploring the small common beauties that surrounded me and experimented with different ways to share my vision of this world. So let that be my challenge to you- in this next month try to find a new simple moment to savor and enjoy! Play with Legos, learn how to say thank you in sign language, stop and admire the steam rising from your morning tea or coffee. I honestly believe that beauty can be found everywhere as long as you have the courage to search for it.

Until next time,