A Belated Review: 2013

Hello my wonderful readers!!

Happy (belated) NEW YEAR!!! It is 2014! How crazy is that?! Is it just me, or has this year flown by?! I am super excited to see what 2014 has in store for us, but as I look forward I am also compelled to spend a moment honoring all of the wonderful (and perhaps not so wonderful) moments in 2013.

This year:

I bought my first Iphone and, subsequently, posted my first image on Instagram.

Bought my first vinyl album and went to Nichole's for the first time.

I turned 22 .

Went to my first NHL game (GO WINGS!).

Started learning how to play hockey.

Spent St. Patrick's day with family.

Attended an outdoor party (yes, we spent the day outside, and yes there was snow).

Fell in love with the Como Conservatory.

Graduated from college!!

I found/was found by Brooke Kupcho.

Attended the first Wolftree Event.

Visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for the first time.

Ran/walked my first 5K! 

Went Kayaking.

Went camping in Itasca State Park.

Went to two family weddings (congrats again Emily and Charlotte!).

Lost dear family friends to illnesses :(  

Started working at a bank.

Saw THE POSTAL SERVICE in concert!!!!!!!! SO AMAZING! 


Chopped wood for the first time :) 

Watched my dad run a half-marathon in the rain :)

Celebrated birthdays :)

Went to Colorado.

Saw my Dad run an impromptu 5K in Colorado.

Saw lots of my extended family.

My best friend got engaged!

Donated to the Kickstarter community (and began an art collection).

Commissioned a piece of art.

Realized that the details matter to me.

Worked on Wolftree's first Ebook, "5 Pies and a Sugar Cookie."

Baked. A lot. (for me) 

Attended the Wolftree cooking workshop!! :D

Read books. Lots and lots of books. (and contributed said books to my library- also known as my room).

Had a food fight in a bar, and didn't get kicked out.

Helped my dad create a rinkin our backyard.

I applied for grad school (all done!!! *happy dance-> like this about 20 seconds in*).

Had 4 wonderful Christmases.

Thank you to all of those who joined me this past year! I am excited to see what the future will bring for all of us!! :)

With gratitude and joy,