I Can Hear the Bells...

Hello everyone,


I'm jazzed about it, can you tell? :)

Anne's wedding was absolutely beautiful- it was small enough that everyone felt included, but large enough that people could split off and connect without detracting from the other elements. The entire event was classy, from the wedding venue itself (art museums for the win!) to the dress (holy lace, and those buttons!!) to the reception area (natural light and open space with modern elements, count me in!). Most importantly, I think it succeeded in both being an enjoyable event for the bride/groom AND the guests. I had fun, I cried (but not during my speech!), and I laughed harder than I have in a long time. My friend Trevvor summed up the mood perfectly when he commented that he had "been to weddings where the bride and groom spent a half a million dollars, and (he) didn't have nearly as much fun at those weddings as (he) was having at Anne's."

Anne Getting Her Hair Done :)
My mother and my best friend :)
Anne, her bridesmaids, and her honorary mother

Love you Anne!