The Big Four Ice Caves

Hey folks,

Seattle has settled into the rainy season, but before I submitted to the idea that my raincoat was a permanent accessory, I was fortunate enough to take a trip up into the mountains to explore the Big Four Ice Caves I had been hearing so much about.  I have to admit, the caves are totally worth the hype AND the warnings of danger! I didn't see any ice fall, but the piles of gleaming ice we navigated around made it rather blatant that the area had the potential to be as treacherous as it was beautiful.

3 Favorite Memories:

1) Meeting up with Amy who lives in the Seattle area but was originally from my hometown! It is always a nice surprise to have someone who has made the same type of transition as you reach out and ask to go adventuring. It was a wonderful experience and I hope we can explore more in the future!

2) The crazy weather. We had rain, fog, sun, clouds... you name it we experienced it while hiking up to and back from the caves! It made for gorgeous contrasts and added a bit of constant surprise to our adventure!

3) The caves themselves. This one might be a "well duh," but I've been on hikes where the end destination wasn't as awe inspiring as some of the views on the trail. The one mile hike to the caves is gorgeous, but the caves themselves are the true stars of this adventure!

Stay wild my friends,