Testy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday all of you lovely readers!!!!! Unfortunately the weather here feels more like winter than it does summer, however, we in this lonely state must keep our heads up and soldier on. Summer has to come eventually right? :)

Anyways, this post was supposed to be called  Moo-Card Monday, but I was ill yesterday and therefore had to rename the post Testy Tuesday in honor of the rather interesting weather. Anyways, my business cards came!!!! I ordered them from this lovely little company on Moo.com, I would recommend it to anyone looking for custom designed cards!!! They are fabulous! I ordered the mini cards because I thought they would be easier to store and give to people, but I am defiantly considering getting some regular sized cards as well. I absolutely love everything about the cards :) and I can't wait to start giving them out to people!

On another note, more photos from my shoot with Brianna from last week will eventually be posted, I promise. I have been crazy busy working on multiple projects, so I apologize for my lack of activity recently! I have missed you all!! :)

I hope you all have fantabulous weeks and will be updating again soon!! Also, I'm hoping to (finally) get to more of my pictures from EUROPE!!! :D I'm super excited about that!!!

P.S. This week is my fiance and my anniversary :)... oh yeah, I got engaged as well ;) :D  sorry for the lack of sharing, I'm careful about my personal life, but hopefully I'll have pictures of my rings (multiple) for you all soon :P

P.P.S. Anyways, I'm super excited about our anniversary :) and I wanted to share my excitement :) I wish you all happiness and warm weather :)