Wondering Wednesday

Someone once told me that self portraits were the purest form of emotion in photography. They could only capture who you were at that moment or who you were attempting to be. I am not sure I agree with this philosophy, especially since I tend to use others in my photos as well as myself, however today I thought I would ponder this statement as it refers to my art.

As I go back over my self portraits I am forced to agree that the level of beauty in my self-portraits does reflect my own personal struggles and my growth as a human as well as as a photographer. However, I am forced to wonder if I notice these differences because I remember the strife and growth that accompanied them. What do you see, dear reader, when you look at my portraits? What have I told you about myself through my images? Do I communicate effectively? Do you feel like you can relate? or do they say nothing at all? Please feel free to comment below, or if you don't feel comfortable doing so send, send me a message.

Of course I leave you with these two image below, which were taken at a wedding I attended yesterday. I suffered greatly when taking these images, for I was in a field that turned out to be infested by ticks. Unfortunately for me, I am terrified of ticks. My best friend calls it a phobia. Let's just say this adventure ended in tears (my own) and a huge swarm of ticks on my shoes. I swear that they were attacking me... I had ten on my shoe one time :O :'( !!!! I had a panic attack, but my best friend saved me and carried me to safety :) So scary adventure ended happily and some lovely shots were taken :)

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!!! :D