Friendly Friday

Hello dear readers,

How has your day been? I'm hoping that it was fantabulous, and if it wasn't, I hope it gets better. Today has been rather stressful... I won't bore you all with details, but I still managed to get some editing done on a series I did a while ago that I can't wait to share with you all! :)

However, today those aren't the images I'm sharing. Today I'm sharing images from one of the coldest and most miserable shoots I've ever been a part of. The two models, Bri (who you all have seen often) and Shelby (who's senior images I did earlier this year) were wrapped up in huge sheets on a cold and sleety day with huge gust of freezing air sweeping by them as they stood in the mud and snow and were basically miserable, however, they didn't ask me to stop. I kept asking them if they wanted to and they kept saying they were game for whatever I wanted. They also kept rather cheery attitudes through it all, making jokes and laughing. The day could have been awful, we could have been crabby and miserable, instead the girls and I committed ourselves to staying positive and had a really fun (if slightly miserable) day. Lesson: Attitude matters. :)

Hope you have enjoyed the images, and remember to have wonderful Fridays and excellent weekends!!! :)

Also, for those of you in the area, remember that next Saturday (the 16th) I will be in the Art and Wine Walk!! It is $15 dollars for entry and for those of age there is free wine to sample!! Please come and support local artists!

<3 AK