Unusually Personal

I am not generally known for sharing my personal life. It makes me uncomfortable to open my true heart to unknown strangers, and it can be dangerous. I learned from an early age that some people will always take the secrets of your heart and use them to ridicule and bully you, even those who would call you friend. I don't entirely think that this lesson has made me unfriendly to others, but rather it made me very close about my relationships. I love meeting new people and connecting with them, and I love allowing them into my life, however I am not so comfortable letting people see the loves of my life, or I should say, the love of my life. You have all seen him in my photos before, and I have even shared some of our joy with you, but this...

Below is a poem. Please know that I don't normally do poetry, for I don't think my writing is full of much style or notable flare, but I wrote this today after editing the above image. Simply put, I miss him. Please be kind.

For a Nameless Soldier

Come home.
Hold me in your arms,
swing me through the air and laugh at my silly antics.
Come home.
Come prowl the streets with me and my camera,
come lead me to new places, hidden secrets within this gossipy town.
Come home.
Come tease me mercilessly,
pull at my hair, poke my side when I'm not paying attention.
Come home.
Come lay next to me in my backyard and stare up at the numberless stars
and feel the contentment of two souls in harmony.
Come home.

I apologize for the personal nature that this post has taken, it wasn't my original intent. My original intent was to thank all of you for your support of my photography. I know I thank you often, but for me it is never often enough.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that the Art and Wine walk from this weekend went fabulously well! I was very much pleased by the event, despite getting soaked in a sudden thunderstorm. The weather cleared up and the turnout was great! For those of you in Grand Forks, please check out True Colors!! The staff is amazing and the clothes are in fabulous condition!

On a slightly different topic, I am super excited for a shoot this Friday and another one this Sunday with two different models! :) :D I adore meeting new people and I'm super psyched to see what fun we have and to share it with all of you!! :) Also, I found two old film cameras in an antique store yesterday for really cheap! I'm beyond jazzed about it, even if they end up not working, they are in rather good exterior condition and I can't wait to use them in shoots!!! :D

Also, I would like to remind everyone that I do sell my prints, and also that I am looking to book a wide variety of shoots! Seniors, maternity, product shots, family portraits, and (of course) fashion and editorial work!! If anyone is interested please don't hesitate to email me!!

Well I think this about wraps up this blog post!! Thank you all and have fantabulous days!!!