"I Want to See Mountains..."

Exciting news everyone!!!

I am going to Glacier National Park this summer, and I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Bob and I have been talking about this trip since last summer, and now it is officially happening! I have made a tentative schedule for us already, and have reserved a campsite (though we hope to be able to switch to a quieter, tent only site after we arrive). Now, however, I have to think about the packing details, and to be honest I am overwhelmed. I haven't spent a week hiking and camping since I was a child, so this experience is going to involve a lot of research and (probably) quite a few mistakes. I am not planning on bringing my computer with me, but I will have at least Icarus and my Iphone for photos, which I will of course share upon my return. I will also be posting on my Instagram throughout the trip, so please feel free to follow me!

Of course, those details are me getting ahead of myself. What I am really trying to focus on now is what to buy. As I have mentioned, I haven't been hiking in forever, so I am sure I will be in need of purchasing some basics. Below is a list of things I know I will need, but I could really use your input, advice, and suggestions!!!

Four things I'm know (or at least I'm pretty sure) I will need:

1) Hiking Boots- I want them to be comfortable, durable, light, and perfect for all types of weather. (Any suggestions? Does such a miracle boot exist?) 

2) Backpack- Durability is a must, but I also want it to be able to store a water bladder, food, and other necessities while protecting my cameras and NOT GETTING THEM WET!! Oh, I have been considering the ones that have the straw built in- anyone know if those are worth it? 3) Clothes- any fabrics I should avoid? I've heard that cotton is a big no no! We are going to be on all day hikes, so cooler mornings, than warmth, but then high altitude weather's volatility= not sure what to wear! I have found articles with suggestions for men's hiking clothes, but not so much for women's. 

 4) Water purifier/filter- We are planning on carryi

ng water with us, but I am planning on having one of these for a back up, just in case we don't bring enough water, but there are so many different types of filters/purifiers- thoughts? 

Sneak Peek at the lovely personal book I made via  Artifact Uprising  :)

Sneak Peek at the lovely personal book I made via Artifact Uprising :)

Any other suggestions? I am sure I will have other pieces of gear that I will be asking all sorts of quetsions about, but these were four items that I KNOW I will need and I'm just... well I'm an almost newbie. I love hiking, but this will be first trip I will be planning as an adult!

Thank you in advance for all of your suggestions, 


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