"Let's Go Adventuring!" (Friday Harbor Jan 2015)

Hello dearies,

By this point you have probably realized that one of my favorite sentences is "let's go adventuring!" So, of course, when I heard them in conjunction with 'Friday Harbor' roadtrip, I practically peed myself with excitement. That is basically the short version of how myself and three of the best people I've ever met ended up dragging our exhausted selves out of bed and piling into a car at 6:00 AM to head north.

This unplanned, semi-spontaneous type of trip is my favorite traveling style, as it leaves everyone involved open for unexpected detours which often turn into the best moments of the trip. We had a vague plan, which gave us a sense of direction, but it was open enough that we were able to visit adorable local cafes (which turn out to have amazing milkshakes in a bazillion flavors! WIN!) and wander along the harbor just absorbing the beauty around us. We barrelled down a hill and across a driftwood maze in order to dip our feet in the sea, had a staring contest with a seal, and screamed exactly what we were feeling into the ocean breeze because who was there to stop us? If there is one word that summed up the feeling of the day for me, it would be:



I hope that you are also finding time to adventure and spend quality time with friends!!

Till we meet again,